Who is the King of the Search Engines…and Does it Even Matter?

Who is king of search engines?

Google is arguably the #1 Search Engine in the World.

There are literally hundreds of Search Engine web sites out there.  Arguably, Google, Yahoo and Bing claim the top 3 spots.  So the question for internet marketers becomes, “who should I optimize my site for?”  Of the 3 top Search Engines, Google continues to own the lion’s share of internet searches.  There are thousands of web sites and statistics you can dig up to read more about the Google domination in the search engine world…just “Google it”.  Google is the #1 search engine in the world and with their other divisions (mobile search, Chrome and Android) exploding onto the scene in 2010 and 2011, Google is poised to be the next giant.  They are not without controversy though, from allegations of manipulating search results to unfairly penalizing or banning “innocent” web site owners, Google is constantly under attack from consumers and competitors alike.

“The rise of Google seems very familiar to me.  The love / hate relationship they have with consumers is very reminiscent of Microsoft prior to the monopoly law suit and trial.  Since that trial, we have not heard a whole heck of a lot from Microsoft or Bill Gates.”

Will the government step in with Google like they did with Microsoft?  Time will only tell.  One thing for sure, they drive the search market right now.  Business owners who hope to be found on the internet either follow their rules or suffer the loss of traffic that Google can bring them.  Love them or hate them, Google is still on top! 

As an SEO Services provider, it makes no difference to us who is on top as far as the search engines go.  Whether it’s Google, Yahoo or Bing, we will simply make adjustments to optimize sites for our customers that get the results on the top search engine…PERIOD.  That’s our job.  We are a small “boutique” firm that cannot afford to fight the fight against Google, nor would we want to.  Our job is to optimize for the top Search Engine and ALL of the search engines to benefit our clients.  We would do the same for Bing or Yahoo (or any number of other search engines) if they find themselves on top.

“There are many SEO’s out there that spend their day’s blogging about the unfairness of Google and how they change their algorithms to often and without warning. “

What they really mean by that is that they were not really optimizing the clients site under a truly “white hat” strategy.  They were probably using “gray” or even “black hat” strategies that Google caught up with.  That’s why selecting an Organic Search Engine Optimization company that truly understands internet marketing and the search engines, is your best bet to have success with your internet marketing strategy.  The search engines are just trying to give their customers (the people performing the searches) the best possible user experience.  Understanding that philosophy, is the key to developing a natural search engine and internet marketing strategy.

Image Source:  Geeky Gadgets

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  1. Sara McGee

    Great article. I like the way you came full circle to “does it really matter who is on top”. Fact is that is does not matter. Whomever is on top at the moment is who we need to optimize for!

    P.S. – Your blog looks new…but I like it so far. Keep at it. Maybe we can do guest posting on each others blog? I sent you an email 😉

  2. Hi Sara ! Glad you stopped by and commented.

    Guest blogging sounds GREAT. I’m going to check my email right NOW !

  3. Wrinkle Lotion

    I ponder this all the time.

  4. @Wrinkle Lotion – Thanks for reading and the comment! Thought you might be spamming, but you did not leave a link 🙂

  5. Do you see any tech. on the horizon that would change the balance of power? I cant imagine there is much brand loyalty in the search engine industry… also I agree with Wrinkle Lotion

  6. LOL…

    No I don;t actually see anything on the horizen that would drastically change search engine positioning at this time. But then again, most trends that become a standard go relatively “unnoticed” until it’s too late and they are already too big to overcome.

    Thanks for the comment!


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