What is the ROI for 10,000 Tweets on Twitter?

Twitter ROI by click-finders.comIf you are involved in SEO, Social Media Marketing or any form of Internet (or traditional) Marketing whatsoever, you are probably always trying to calculate the Return on Investment for your efforts and expenses.  In fact there are many sources out there like Computer World, Blog Tyrant, and Hubspot (just to name a few) that have attempted to do just that for Social Media and for the most part, they do a great job.  This article however is simply going to talk about Twitter and what we have seen before, during and after 10,000 Tweets.  Is it an actual ROI…you decide!

So how did we do that?  10,000 Tweets.  Well it certainly did not happen overnight and it certainly was not consistent.  We had good months on Twitter and bad months on Twitter.  Just like anything else.  Here is a small sampling of how we tweeted over the past 18 months:
Twitter Stats Graph - click-finders.com
So what kind of ROI (Return on Investment) have we had on our Twitter account?  Great question.  Here just a few stats:

  • 46.63% of all Tweets were RT’s or @ Replies – Not as good as we would have liked…but hey, we’re still learning!
  • 30 confirmed sales leads came in from Twitter – I don’t care who you…that’s GOOD !
  • At least 5 new business relationships that have benefited click-finders have been developed, nurtured and cultivated 100% on Twitter. – Again, I don’t care who you are…that’s GOOD !
  • Our home page has been RT’d over 7K times! – Gotta love the exposure on this stat!
  • One of our blog posts has been RT’d over 100K times! – Still wonderfully surprised and astounded by this stat!  It was a guest post by our good friend and colleague Mr. Scott Kindred of Safehouseweb.  See how #3 above works?

What else has Twitter done for us?

Added real value and measureable attributes to our Social Media presence and marketing strategy.  Everyone knows by now (or least they should) that ALL of the major search engines are using social media signals (likes, +’s and yes…TWEETS) as ranking factors.  If you are not active on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, you are most likely losing ground in the SERP’s.  The Hubspot chart below shows a marketing score of 90 for our website, and look at what one of the ranking factors are…that’s right, our Twitter presence!

Twitter ROI for click-finders.com

Twitter has also helped build our visibility in ways we NEVER thought were possible!

Twitter visibility example click-finders.com

This mention on the Home Page of Socialstage is not only very much unexpected, it’s greatly appreciated.  It’s one of the little hidden benefits of Twitter and other Social Media outlets.  They did this mention without me even knowing about it, yet it was out of appreciation for my tweet regarding there Blog post.  Hey, it was great content and we love to share great content!

A final word about this accomplishment, blog post and Twitter overall.  We don’t do Twitter as well as could.  We are still learning.  The point of this post is show the average small business owner that anyone can positively impact their business with Twitter.  It just takes a little elbow grease, a little ingenuity and creative thinking and you can make a difference to your business as well.

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  1. At 102,000+ Tweets of my guest post, Website Shampoo: Clean, Fresh, Attractive, here on your blog, I have to agree that “astounded” is the best way to describe just one of the measurements you’ve mentioned in this post. And I am also glad to see how you quantified the sales leads and relationship elements.

    The perfect example of how Twitter has enabled good relationship building is evidenced by the business relationship between click-finders and SafeHouse Web… With one of us on the West Coast and the other of us on the other coast [friendly jab], we have never met face to face yet we have engaged in money making referrals to one another and have each identified a new, trusted source for the work that we share. That’s priceless to me and I have to believe every other of our associates reading this blog would hope to have the same valuable relationship.
    Scott Kindred | SafeHouse Web recently posted..Google Analytics: Tracking Social Media Traffic To Your WebsiteMy Profile

    • Scott – Thanks so much for the comment (and the guest post that earned 102K RT’s) !

      click-finders is happy to associate with, conduct business with and help promote Safehouseweb and all that you do! We are looking forward to many years of continued business ventures and exciting opportunities with Safehouseweb!

      And all this from Twitter….. 🙂

      • Your comment about ttwiter being a type of social media, not marketing, is an important point. There is nothing worse than businesses continually advertising products or services with little interest in engaging customers and followers on a more personal level.The comment about ratio of followers to following was also relevant. I rarely follow businesses who follow thousands but are only followed by a few. I usually assume there’s a reason no one wants to follow them.

  2. Chad Emery

    @click_finders – That’s a pretty low % rate for @ reply’s and RT’s. Most people that have had as much success as you say you have had, have had a much higher % of @ reply’s. In other words, they are much more conversational then you appear to be.

    • @chad – Thanks for reading and the comment.

      You are 100%, absolutely correct. We only recently have started being much more conversational. In the beginning, we were simply pushing out are content and message. Believe it or not we were semi successful doing just that, but when we started having actual conversations on Twitter, the ROI has gone through the roof!

  3. Dale Henderson

    Very nice. I find it difficult to find and engage on conversational issues because so many are just pushing content out. How do you find and engage in conversations?

  4. Neng

    This forum needed shaikng up and you’ve just done that. Great post!

  5. Congratulations, Mike. Dang, I am so happy for you. I’ve always known that social media has a lot going for it and your post just nails it. You know I am always lurking around your Tweets and blog posts, right? 🙂
    Ashwin recently posted..How To Use Pinterest: Lessons from 5 Companies That RockMy Profile

  6. interesting data !!


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