Social Media Success in Less Than 1 Hour a Day!

What if I could tell you that you could be successful in your social media efforts in less than 1 hour per day?  Does this sound too good to be true?  Well it’s not, in fact, if you follow these simple steps, you too can find yourself a social media success in less than 1 hour per day!  Better yet, you can follow this simple formula no matter how many followers you have, no matter how new you are to social media and you will still be a successful social media manager.

You will need some form of software that lets you auto-schedule posts across your social media platforms.  This can be a true marketing software platform like Hubspot or something a little less expensive (FREE) like Hootsuite.  Yes, Hootsuite does charge for more than 5 social media accounts and/or more than one user and/or advanced analytics, but even that cost is negligible at $8.99 a month.  You can learn more about the Hootsuite Plans here.

Sunday evening…setting the week up for success!

So we spend about an hour on Sunday evening or Monday morning setting the week up for social media posts in Hootsuite.  I write and re-purpose Tweets, Facebook posts and Google+ posts and I generate new visual images to share on social media.  Typically I will write five new post/tweet titles a week that include new content, new images and older blog posts being re-purposed.  Then, I spend the remainder of this hour scheduling out the week of content posts.  This typically takes about 20 minutes and I can schedule out all of my FB posts, Tweets and Google+ posts complete with images and links quickly and easily!

Monday through Saturday…keeping up with my social media mentions and more!

So after day one of setting up my auto-posting, I’m bound to have some comments, RT’s (Re-tweets) and mentions.  It’s time to engage my audience!

  • Spend 5-15 Minutes thanking those who mention you on Social Media


  • Spend 5-15 Minutes each day thanking, favoriting and Re-Tweeting links to your blog


  • Spend 5-15 Minutes each day “prospecting” for new contacts, leads, people you want to follow, people you want to follow you, identifying and following industry experts, mentioning and commenting on and re-tweeting their social media shares.


  • Spend 5-15 Minutes per day on brand management.  Check to see if you brand is mentioned with any negative connotations.  If it is, respond promptly and professionally and do your best to diffuse the situation.

We use a combination of Hootsuite and Tweetdeck to monitor and respond to social media mentions and shares of our brand and content.  So be sure to experiment and use what works best for you!

That’s all folks…

Seem too simple?  Seem too easy to see any kind of results?  Think again my friend.  If you follow these simple steps you are effectively doing more on social media than 80% of the other businesses trying to conduct business on social media.  It does take time to build followings, but if you follow these simple, yet effective, techniques, you too will be a rock star social media manager in no time!

Welcome to Inbound Marketing!


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  1. Excellent information,, and I will be using it! Thank you!,

    • Hi Sandra! Thanks for reading and the comment!


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