SEO vs. SEO 2.0 – What is the difference?

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What is SEO 2.o?  I am sure I will not do SEO 2.0 justice in this attempt to explain what it is, however, I will try.  I will also post a link below to a much better explanation below.  SEO 2.0 is, in my opinion, a state of mind that lends to the creation of unique and substantial content that draws people in and causes them to interact with your web site, therefore, interact with you.  SEO 2.0 is a paradigm shift in the way you promote your site/blog and how you grow and interact with your audience/customers/clients. 

 As you can imagine, I am online a lot.  I read a lot of blogs, some good, some bad and some GREAT.  One day a few months ago, I came across a blog called SEO 2.0.  I met the owner/author whose name is Tad.  Now, when I say I met him, I mean that I met him as well as anyone can “online”.   That is to say that I read a post.  I liked the post.  I read another post, I liked it so much I commented on it.  He liked my comment enough to reply.  Boom!  I just met Tad.  I have been a loyal follower since that moment.  Tad (as far as I can tell) did not coin the phrase SEO 2.0 but he goes further promoting it then anyone else I have met.  Make no mistake about it, it will become a movement.  Will it replace everything in the world of SEO as we know it today?  Of that, I am not sure, nor will I speculate.  I will say that if it does, it will definetly change the entire way the world works and promotes web site/blogs on the internet.  Stranger things have happened for sure. 

If I had to sum up the main difference in SEO and SEO 2.0 in one word,  it would have to be Relationships.  In SEO 2.0 relationships are not only encouraged, they a Mandatory.  The thought process is you that you give before you get!  Get involved in a community, get to know the people in the community and begin to interact with them.  Once you do that, give back to the community.  Be a guest blogger, post meaningful and “on topic” comments on the blog/forum and link to the content you like.  In other words “give before you get”.  If you are truly interested in helping that community grow, the rewards that come back to you should be substantial because the community/blog you helped to grow will do the same for you.  Again, it’s all about relationships

The owner of the Blog SEO 2.0 (Tad), says it much better than me for sure.  His post “SEO vs. SEO 2.0: Top 15 Differences” explains the fundamental differences between SEO and SEO 2.0 best.  Is he being idealistic?  Unrealistic?  In the end, I think not.  His biggest challenge will be overcoming everyone’s fear of “what if I do for them, and they do nothing for me?”.  That’s real problem SEO 2.0 will have to overcome in my humble opinion.  Most people HATE giving before they get or giving without KNOWING that they will get somehting in return. 

As you can tell though from the “dofollow” links on this site….I agree with quite a lot that Tad says.  Maybe not everything, but certainly enough to write this article and make sure this Blog is set with “dofollow” links. 

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