SEO Espionage: The Simple Truth About Your Competitions SEO Program

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  1. Steve Price

    A simple…yet very effective technique to use for sure! I use that little trick all the time to find out what my competition is up to!

    Good share Mike.

    • Jesslyn

      You get a lot of respcet from me for writing these helpful articles.

  2. Sarah James

    WOW…I had no idea people could look at my website code this easily!

    Now I have a question though; How do you protect your web site from being stolen? With it this easy to see the enite code structure, I am sure anyone could then just right click and copy your web site right?

  3. @Steve – Hi Steve thanks for reading and thanks for the comment!

    @Sarah – Yes…it is a bit of a concern but try not to worry to much about it. You have Copyright Protection and the DMCA (Digital Milenium Copyright Act) take down requets and procedures if you find that someone has stolen your site or any of your digital media (videos, images, articles, etc…).

    Anyone else have any suggestions for Sarah?

  4. Your right sep is vital and even more now post panda. I am finding that you have to really look at the relevancy of your page. However social media seems to be the big thing with google bringing in +1

  5. @SEO Company – Social is definetly the biggest “Buzz Word” in SEO right now. Much like “link bait” was a few years ago. Although I agree Social Media is here to stay and will forever be a part of SEO. I don’t think it will be the end game factor that the self professed “social media gurus” are claiming it will be.

    Thanks for reading and the comment!

  6. Well what can I say, very interesting and well formated.

    • Thiknnig like that shows an expert’s touch

  7. tanks for you tips, You explain everything well and it is very understandable. Tanks ^^

  8. I obtained excellent data from the website

    • @Improve Google Ranking – Thanks for the kind words!

      @HeQris – Your are very welcome!

      @Diable – Again…very welcome!

      Thank you all for reading and commenting!


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