5 Ways to Help Make Your Content More Engaging

Are you a Business Blogger?  Are you having trouble generating “interesting” content on a regular basis like everyone says its soooooo easy to do?  Well rest assured that you are not alone my friend.  Most business content generators feel this way at one time or another.  It’s not an excuse though, if you want to succeed at Inbound Marketing and content generation, you have to develop engaging content that people will like, share and come back for more of…PERIOD!

But Mike…I write about [insert boring topic here]!

So you’re a plumber, a tax attorney, a pool salesman?  Pretty boring stuff right?  And super hard to generate good content for right?  Better check with my friend Marcus Sheridan before you try and sell me on that one!  Oh that’s different you say…how exactly?  Look, I get it.  Some of us work in boring, hum-drum industries that struggle to be exciting, even to the people who actually love their work!  That’s just not a good enough excuse to not generate some good, quality content that people will love!

It does require some thought and some effort, but when you get it right…you can win big time!  So here are some tips that just help you out a bit.

Tell a story…

Everyone (and I do mean EVERYONE) has a story that they can relate to their business.  Yes, you may have to get a little creative and maybe even a little personal (nothing wrong with that).  Just remember to find a way to relate it back to the topic or message you are trying to share.  Doing this will make your content more memorable, more human and more relatable.  And if people can relate to your content…you WIN!

Use humor…

Opening up a piece on content with a funny meme or relatable joke can set the tone for the entire article.  Use this space to be as creative as you can be.  Tell your relatable story, joke or anecdote in the opening paragraph and be sure to catch your reader’s attention early!

Be more personable…

In my mind, there is nothing worse than opening a piece of content that drones on and on in the third person about the technical benefits of Product “X” or Service “Y” as in “why the heck did I open this?”.  If you cannot find a way to catch my attention and for me to relate to you in about 10 seconds…I’m gone!  Nothing personal mind you, I just have better things to do with my time and reading a dry piece of content that I find nothing relatable about is not how I want to spend my time.  And I don’t think I’m alone here!

Use a good image or several good images or even a video…

Blogging 101 – Use images and videos throughout your article.  The trick here is again, that they are relevant, relatable or at least funny.  Hi-Jacking meme’s is a good way to grab somebody’s attention and there are lots of people who use them in blog posts.  I prefer to use more high graphics though and use Photoshop to dress them up a bit, add some relevant text and size it to better suite my desired outcome.  No matter how you decide to use them though, the important part is that you DO USE THEM!

Make sure it’s good before you post it…

This really is the hardest part for me.  Initially, upon completion of an article, I generally think it’s a master piece, every single time!  That’s why I have learned to sit back and let it simmer for a bit before I post it.  Often when I do that, I will come back and read it again and start thinking to myself “what was I thinking…this is HORRIBLE!”.  So it’s worth a little more time to review with fresh eyes, with a business partner or even your wife.  Trust me, it’ll be worth the effort and the wait and if you have written is GOLD, it will still be gold tomorrow!

Again…yes there are some tough industries out there to write for.  But you should be looking at as if it were a challenge and not a punishment.  An opportunity and not an obstacle.  Yes that sound a little like Tony Robbins, granted.  But it’s true and it works.  Give it an honest try and then let me know what you came up with!  Would love to hear back on some success and challenges!

And oh yeah…Welcome to Inbound Marketing!



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