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Conversion Optimization Part 4 – Landing Page Optimization

conversion funnel click-finders.comSo now you are starting to get some decent traffic to your site or you have taken the plunge with Google Adwords, but, as fate would have it, none of these new visitors you have invested your time, energy, effort or capital in are converting into leads or customers.  Why not?  You have a great looking website, you invested in Adwords spend to drive traffic, what is going on?  Great question…I’m so glad you asked.  This article is going to discuss “Landing Page Optimization” for more (or better) conversions into leads or sales.  Believe it or not, conversion optimization is a BIG DEAL out there in ecommerce land.  There are hundreds (if not thousands) of companies out there that have built very successful business models just helping other companies master this much needed skill.

So what can I expect as far as a conversion rate on organic traffic?

The average website is converting less than 1% of all organic traffic!  That’s right…less than 1%!  A good site that has some experience and is making an effort to actually convert traffic may see as much as 1-3% organically.  And, if you are in the 3-5% range for organic traffic conversions you are doing better than 98% of all websites on the internet.  You may be thinking; “3-5%?  That’s nothing!  Why am I wasting my time?”  Hold on there cowboy.  Have you done the math?  Try this on for size:

If you Rank #1 for a good traffic keyword @ 120,000 searches per month.  That should equal about 21,600 visits to your site (estimated at 18% of all searches for the #1 position…it could be higher!)

21,600 visits to your site should equal about 648 new business leads (estimated at 3% conversion rate from website visitor to new lead)

648 leads should equal about 32 new customers each month (estimated at 5% conversion rate from lead to new customer) if you have a good lead tracking and management system and some hungry sales people J!

Now, if each new customer spends only $5,000.00 with you, that would equal about $160,000.00 of additional revenue each month.  And that’s only for ONE, relatively low traffic keyword.

Now do I have your attention?

So how do I accomplish Landing Page Optimization to maximize the potential for that conversion?

There is a difference in strategy for organic vs. paid search and business services vs. retail ecommerce.  So bear with me as I try to cover the basics for all landing page optimization.

  • Be sure that each page is well written with a clear and understandable message – Easier said than done sometimes, but nonetheless, it’s important.
  • Show value quickly (above the fold – Top half of the page) – Why is your product or service better than the other guys?  What makes you different?  You absolutely need to convey this message quickly and concisely on the top half of the page!
  • CTA’s – Call To Action buttons, statements and graphics.  Use them, use them, USE THEM!  For buttons, be sure to use High Contrast colors with clear CTA’s for the text (submit now, request more info, Download Now, etc.).  For lead generation I typically go with no less than 6 CTA’s.  For ecommerce, you can get away with as little as 3 if your value offer is great!
  • For ecommerce and Retail sites – Your CTA’s need to be value driven with “On Sale”, “Limited Time Offer”, “FREE Shipping”.  All above the fold (top half of the page) and using bright, contrasting colors with a Web 2.0 look and feel (gradients and drop shadows).
  • For Paid search specifically (Adwords, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) – Same rules apply, except you will also want to strip down your landing page and remove all off page links.  This includes links to your home page, about us page, contact us page, social media accounts and blog.  Save all of that for the confirmation page!  That’s where they can spend the rest of the day/night pouring over all your great SEO and social media content if they want to.  But For the landing page stick to:
    • Value
    • Relevancy (increases quality score and CTR)
    • Short forms (for lead generating sites) that ask for no more than 4 items of information
    • If you build a lot of landing pages that use a lot of similar and thin content and host them on your primary domain, be sure to use either a sub-domain ( or a sub directory ( where you can no-index/no-follow the pages with a robots.txt file or meta tag easily so you avoid duplicate content issues
    • Use responsive designs or use a mobile detect and auto-redirect to a mobile landing page to maximize exposure and conversions for mobile users.  Recent studies are beginning to show that mobile is accounting for up to 37% of all leads for B2C sites (depending on industry and target market).

Some good examples of landing page optimization we love.  Our comments are in RED.


landing optimization by


landing page optimization by

As you can see…both of these pages exemplify landing qualities that we all should be striving to meet in your landing page optimization efforts!

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