How to get more Retweets For Your Business

Whether you are marketing on Twitter, gathering leads directly from Twitter or just having fun with your friends and family… everyone wants to learn How to get more Retweets.  Having your Tweet Retweeted screams to the world…this person knows what they are talking about, is funny or said something so important that all of my friends, family or business sphere MUST read it right now!  It is validation, pure and simple!

As an internet marketer, getting retweeted thousands of times means TONS of traffic to my site!  Which in turn means more leads and of course, more customers! So take a minute to learn How to get more Retweets and drive more traffic to your content, your website and ultimately your conversion funnel!

How to get more Retweets

Step-1:  Share MORE of your own content!

It may seem counter intuitive, but you have to share your content if you want more retweets.  There is scarce little data on Twitter interactions and even less on actual RT’s, however, the data that is there is pretty interesting, especially for internet marketers.  An interesting stat is that you should be Tweeting a link 60%-80% of the time in your Tweets!  It may seems like a lot, but it’s the sweet spot for sure.

tweets with links |

Step-2:  Tweet About Twitter

The people on Twitter LOVE Twitter!  They love all things Twitter and love to talk about and share Twitter and Twitter related content.  So why not join the conversation, tap into a common interest (Twitter) and engage your target audience and expand your reach with this simple method of getting more retweets.

Tweets about Twitter

Step-3:  Be Genuine and Unique

People on Twitter don’t want to read the same thing over and over.  They certainly do not want to share the same thing over and over.  This is where you get the opportunity to be creative and unique.   It also dictates that you develop new content on a regular basis to share.  So say something new and get retweeted!


Step-4:  Don’t be shy, go ahead and ask for the Rewteet!

Again, it may seem the unlikely way to tweet, but the data is pretty clear; Tweets that contain the words “please retweet” were 4 times more likely to actually get retweeted.  It’s a simple call to action (CTA) that works so might as well use it.  I personally use this on NEW content that I tweet for the first few times.  It works great and can work outstanding if you get 1 or 2 power users to retweet it!

Please Retweet

Step-5:  Finally…Don’t be vain!

Not surprisingly, those tweets that were self-referenced, or only mentioned the originator with no real value or content to share ended up being the lowest retweetable type of post.  So stop being narcissistic and share content that will benefit me or help other people because let’s face it, unless you and I are friends IRL (in real life), I don’t really want to hear about you and/or your life!

seld reference Tweets


*All Graphical Chart Data used in this post is by Hubspot.

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