How to Build an Inbound Marketing Company Culture

Make no mistake about it…Making the transition to an Inbound Marketing Company Culture is hard!

Inbound Marketing Company Culture

Build your company’s Inbound Marketing Culture

In any business, people fall into “ruts”. This is especially true if senior management has allowed this or worse, demonstrated it by example. One of the more common ruts people fall into, more often in larger companies but still possible in a small businesses, is the old cliché “That’s not my job!”. This is never truer than when it involves marketing input by people who typically do not provide any input in this area. Building an Inbound Marketing Company Culture can be one of the biggest business challenges you face in your professional career and also, one of the most rewarding!

Make sure you have a champion at the wheel…

It should go without saying that the person in charge of this new program (even if you are outsourcing it) needs to be 1000% ALL IN ! This person needs to see the vision, believe in the vision and then have the where with all and authority to be able to affect change within the organization. They need to be a superstar! A proven performer! Someone with a track record of not only embracing change, but driving change and delivering results. Spare no expense when it comes to selecting this person. This decision will make or break you’re your new Inbound Marketing Company Culture.

Make sure EVERYONE hears/sees/is told…the vision!

Please note that I did note state “Make sure everyone believes the vision!” That is almost impossible in the beginning. It’s hard enough to get your 5 top people/managers to see and believe a vision, let alone 150 workers. But they should all at least hear, read, be told, be evaluated on, be inspired by, be LED by, and be driven by this vision each and every day by your CORE group of managers/supervisors. If your champion or senior management waive on this even for one day, so will your employees!

Sending the right message about company wide involvement!

Make sure your craft your message well, deliver it consistently and support & reward those who buy-in quickly. Once you have your champion selected and truly believe they are 1000% on-board and right for the job, it’s time to craft your message to troops. What’s the message going to say? Try something like this (of course you can modify as needed but stick to the theme of it):

To be delivered by the president/ceo/top dog in a company wide, all hands meeting:

“We are embarking on a new and exciting marketing initiative. We will need all of your help if we are to be successful. I have selected Debbie Smith to head up this new initiative and she has our FULL and unwavering support. Each of you will have the opportunity to be a part of this culture change and it is our sincere hope that you embrace it and contribute everything that you can. That said, I would now like to bring up Debbie, who will take few minutes and explain more about this new initiative and how you can be a big part of its success.”

Everyone has a story…the key to your never ending supply of content!

Getting them involved is the key to building an  Inbound Marketing Company Culture. Employees who are involved and have a voice feel empowered to help affect change and grow the company. So how do you do that? How does every employee get involved and contribute to one blog, one Twitter account and one Facebook account for the betterment of the company?

Every single person has a story…in fact they have multiple stories, especially about work. Explain to them the premise of Inbound Marketing and how we are going to use the blog and social media to answer our customer’s questions and become the leaders in our market by doing so. Then ASK them to share their stories with you by answering these questions:

• Did they help a customer?

• If so how?

• What problem did they solve?

• What did it mean the customer?

By answering these simple questions, you can develop some real awesome content right out of the gate.

Bottom line…this is NOT going to be easy. Some people will scoff at this and claim to be too busy. It’s your choice, but if it were me, I would upgrade that position with a real team player the first chance I got. You have to have a team for this to be successful. The more who see it and believe, the stronger your team, the quicker and larger your successes will be. Sure it can be done by one lone champion if they truly believe in the platform, but if you want to affect a culture change in your business, this is how you start.

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