How to Become a Successful Business Blogger

Business blogging is the cornerstone of any successful Inbound Marketing campaign. Let’s face it, if you cannot convey your message to the masses in a clear, clean and concise voice, in a well formatted and structured article, then you will fail as a business blogger and a content marketer. So what’s the number one reason why most business bloggers fail? They fail to create content and publish content on a regular basis.

I can give you TONS of excuses why you should NOT blog for your business…

Want a list? Okay…here are just a few:

• I don’t have enough topics

• I don’t know enough about my business (yes, this one actually happens *sigh*)

• I don’t have the time

• My industry is boring

• My target audience does not read blogs all day

• I am not a professional writer

• I can’t spend all day writing; editing and posting blog articles…I have a business to run!

Need more? Probably not, I’m sure you get the idea. If you have more reasons, leave some for me in the comments section below!

Ensure your success from the beginning!

So what if I told you that there are some basic principles that will help ensure your success right out of the gate and give you the tools you need to drive content generation no matter what industry you are in, no matter how much time you have (or don’t have) and no matter how technically savvy you are. Would that interest you?

Basics Principals for Business Blogging Success

No matter what…you need to have a plan. No business, sports team, army or organization that was ever successful (for a continued period of time anyway), did so without a solid plan. Here are some key principals that can help you build that plan:

• Know your business – Yes, you have to at least know your product, service and business market and competition if you want to do this successfully.

PRO-TIP: What you don’t already know…YOU CAN LEARN!

• Know your target market – The purpose behind blogging for business is to generate more interest and genuine leads for your business. In order to that, you need to know what your target market is searching for and then develop content and position it in a way that will answer their questions and compel them to take action towards a business relationship with you.

• Develop an Editorial Calendar – Write out how often and about what you intend to blog about. It’s okay to be flexible with this; the point is to get your creative juices flowing and to give you solid goals to work towards on content generation.

• Be creative – Think outside the box here. What is your competition doing or not doing? Are they doing it right? Can you do it better?

• Be a thought leader – Look…you are in business because you KNOW your stuff right? I mean, if you know enough about your business to start and run it, you probably know enough to share your insight about the industry. Is the industry headed in the right direction? If not, why? What are your thoughts?

PRO-TIP: It’s okay to controversial here. Some of the best read and commented on blog posts are the most controversial posts on the net for their respective industries. Please do this without begin offensive or calling out individuals or companies. That’s never a win.

• Embrace new industry trends – Are you on top of all the latest news in your industry? If so BLOG ABOUT IT! Chances are your competition isn’t.

• Be open to new and different content ideas – Again, thinking outside the box…how about making a video? Or an info-graphic? How about interviewing an industry big-wig/celebrity?

Still too much to take on yourself? Maybe it’s time to bring in a consultant or an Internet Marketing company that can help you reach your goals! Regardless of what your decision is, just know that blogging for business is almost to the point of necessity for organic traffic (free traffic) and it’s our opinion that it will be a necessity in the very near future. That is, unless you WANT to pay that Google Adwords bill for the rest of your life!?!?!?

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