How To Get 1K Followers on Twitter FAST


Social media is becoming an ever more important part of the inbound marketing process.  As such, developing a solid, loyal and active following is essential for success.  Not only does developing this following increase your reach with content sharing, it also establishes “social proof” of your content, products or services and overall business practices.  Having 1K followers that RT (Retweet), Like and share your content is an awesome way to impress a visitor that is on your website and clicks on your Twitter or FB button just to see what kind of social media presence you have.

How to get more Twitter Followers

Here are some tips on how to get 1K (or more) Twitter followers FAST…

  • Create a compelling profile that tells people WHO you are, WHAT you are about.  Your twitter profile should include a profile picture — not a logo! [Tweet This]
  • Tweet a LOT!  If you are going to provide value and grow an audience, you have to share a lot of content.  We recommend 20-30 tweets per day. [Tweet This]
  • Use browser extensions and plugins for your social publishing tool to speed the process of sharing content.
  • Curate (comment on and share) content from other valuable sources related to your business or interests.
  • Use third party apps and platforms like Google+, Alltop, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. to find and share more content.
  • Make tweets more compelling by sharing pictures and videos that will increase your engagement, conversions and CTR (click through rate).
  • Follow, List and engage a LOT of real people on Twitter.  BONUS – If you stick to your topic, you will also get a lot of new content to share!
  • Attend industry events, tradeshows, seminars and conferences that are #Hashtag friendly and then tweet them live!  [Tweet This]
  • Make your twitter profile easy to find and follow. Place links in your email signature, on your website, blog, letter head, invoices, general outgoing mail, etc.

There are (unfortunately) places on the internet that will allow you to “buy” Twitter followers. We do not recommend that for two reasons. First, most are not real people. Real people are the key to engagement and getting people to RT and share your content. Secondly, it violates Twitter’s term of service agreement and could get your profile suspended and/or banned.

[bctt tweet=”There are (unfortunately) places on the internet that will allow you to “buy” Twitter followers. DO NOT DO IT!”]

So be careful with your Twitter account, have fun, tweet a lot, engage in conversations and remember, someone is always watching on social media!

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How to get 1K followers on twitter




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  1. Hi Michael,
    Awesome tricks to increase followers on twitter.It will help to draw more traffic easily.It will give a positive impact to the website.Thanks for sharing.


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