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Does SEO Still Work?

It’s a question that is being asked all over the internet, by business owners, traditional marketing professionals and even the media.  Google is busy fighting spam. Google has taken it upon itself to free the Internet of varying degrees of spam, black-hat riddled websites, poor content, and almost anything else that doesn’t serve the searcher/reader. The seemingly inconspicuous question “Does SEO still work?” has spun off multiple threads on SEO forums, Q & A sites such as Quora, and countless number of blog posts. It’s time to get real and understand a few undeniable truths about SEO.

Having been in the SEO business for so long, it’s hard for us not to respond to that question, so we will. Here are some truths about SEO (search engine optimization) you must learn to accept, in a post Penguin and Panda update era:

SEO that works: the hard, slow and painstaking real content generation SEO does still work! 

The easy route to search domination is to follow ‘SEO Shortcuts’ or perhaps rub a little evil on and indulge in Black Hat SEO techniques. The short answer is that none of those will work with any lasting effects. As Ruth Burr writes in her post SEO isn’t Magic: So Stop SEO Tricks, without the little shortcuts, SEO is undeniably, resource-heavy, technically difficult, and time-consuming. Today, it’s evident more than ever that only the right kind of SEO works. The emphasis is on great content, natural link-building, and judicial use of keywords when it’s natural and makes sense only.

Content is the new SEO insurance plan 

There’s a reason why companies such as Hubspot, Kiss Metrics and SEOmoz have proven to be authority sites in their respective niches. It’s not surprising since they base their marketing on content. Any random magazine with an online presence sees more traffic and engagement per reader than a website that spends more time on ineffective SEO techniques than on developing content.

For a website, blog, or a company seeking to establish presence on the web, content is where the focus should have been. Good SEO starts from there. You work so hard to bring visitors to your website, but we beg to ask you: what will they get when they finally arrive? Make it worth their visit, give them something no one else can….your unique and genuine content.

How do you build great content?  Focus on retaining your personality, make strong and educated opinions, and bring in humor if you can.  If there is one insurance plan you can to hold steady in the wake of Google’s periodic and unpredictable storms, it will always be content.

Some things about SEO will never change 

Good HTML coding with sensible use of keywords in the Title tag, Meta tags and on-page content is not going to change anytime soon. Nor will the need to practice good solid link building. The difference in today’s post Panda and Penguin updates is that low quality links mean less than ever before for ranking purposes.  Good quality links are essential, that combined with a good content strategy and a solid social media presence and you will find yourself quickly climbing the rankings.

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