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So how do I share SEO 2.0 links on  I get this question a lot ever since my SEO vs. SEO 2.0 What is The Difference post.  Well in order to better answer that, I think we should go over a brief reminder of the different kinds of links that you can give.  It’s important to understand this in order to fully appreciate the benefits of SEO 2.0 and how it can help you or hurt you.  Yes, you CAN hurt your site by linking out to other sites.  Don’t worry, we will get into all the details in just a second.  First though, let’s cover the basic categories of links.


<NOFOLLOW> is a value that can be assigned to the [REL] HTML attribute that tells the search engines to discount this link.  It was designed originally to allow web site owners (primarily Blogs and Forums) the option to identify spam or potential spam links and assign this attribute so that the search engines would not index the link and therefore not pass any “link juice” or authority to the linked site from the source site.

Example of the <NOFOLLOW> link in action:

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>anchor text</a>

“There is great debate in the SEO community about whether or not the <NOFOLLOW> attribute works or not.  My own personal testing indicates that the search engines still assign some value to these links, as some sites with only <NOFOLLOW> links have been known to climb and reach the top of the SERP’s.  More on this in another post coming soon….”


There is no specific HTML attribute for this link.  This is the link we as SEO’s and web site owners strive for every day for the sites we are working on.  This link passes actual “link juice” from the originating site to the linked to site.  For example, if you own a site that is well established, has good traffic and a decent Google PageRank your “link juice” will be much higher than a newly launched site. 

Example of the <DOFOLLOW> link in action:

<a href=””>anchor text</a>

 If you, with your well established site, give a link to another site, you are telling Google you like that site and it is worthy of your link.  The older and more established your site, the more “link juice” you can pass to another site.

“The <DOFOLLOW> link is hands down the BEST link you can attain for your web site or give to another site.  This is what SEO 2.0 is all about.  If you read the previous SEO 2.0 article you will see why.”

Can linking out to another site actually hurt my site?

The short answer is yes, it can.  Let me explain.  Again, Google see’s each link out from your site as a “vote” for another site.  So it takes it pretty seriously when you give a link to another site.  What they do not want, is trusted, reputable sites providing links out to SPAM sites.  Mostly these sites are of the unwanted SPAM emails you find in your Junk Email boxes.  The words are so potent, I won’t even mention them in this post for fear of affecting Google (LOL). 

“In short, you should never link out to a known SPAM site or a site that is even remotely SPAMMY.  Make sure your links out are quality sites that provide a relevant service or benefit to your visitor.”

Other types of links that you can get / give include:

                Paid Links or Affiliate Links

                Image Links

                Side Bar or Blog Roll Links

                Footer Links

So how do I handle links given out on this site?  Simple….you get links from this site by visiting, reading  and commenting on this Blog.  You can also write an article and submit it for a guest post spot in which you can place multiple links back to your site (up to 3) and more in a resource box.  Comment links are treated as fairly as possible.  I require 3 “APPROVED” comment posts to start getting <DOFOLLOW> links.  The first three comments are <NOFOLLOW>.  I set this up to deter SPAMMERS.  Also, pure SPAM usually gets deleted immediately.  On occasion, I will strip the link and approve the comment because either the comment was good and relevant or the English was so bad it made me LOL.

I also never approve links to “bad neighborhoods”.

Good luck…and keep on Blogging!

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Blog Promotion
Are you promoting your blog?


It never fails to amaze me!  Time and time again I see new blogs get started, some with GREAT ideas and some with not so great ideas.  Either way, the first question I always get asked is “How do I promote my Blog and get more followers?”.  The short answer is…you work hard at it and you follow some basic principals.  If you do, you will find your blog will be successful and you and/or your business will start to see and feel the results.  So here it is…  


Follow these simple steps to begint he process of promoting your blog.  This is not an all inclusive list by any means.  There are other methods, but if you start here, your chances of success will be substantially increased.  

 12.5 Ways to Promote Your Blog:

  • Promote it on your website. It’s your site and you don’t have a link to your blog on it? How about your friends and family do they have web sites? Do they link to your blog? They should be as well as you should be. If you don’t like your blog enough to link to it…why should anyone else?Include the blog URL in your email signature.
  • Personal emails, business emails, birthday well wishes and retirement announcements…if you send electronic mail, you should ALWAYS include a URL link to your blog in the signature portion.
  •  Include your URL on print. Put your blog address on your business cards, invoices, direct mail campaigns, yellow page advertisements flyer’s and promotional materials.
  •  Leverage Social Media. Always use use relevant “hashtags” (#promotions) when using Twitter. Always post links to your articles on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Submit to directories. This should be a large part of your Link-Building strategy anyway for your main site. Click here if you need help!
  • Post regularly. There is constant debate online as how often to post on your blog. Feel free to join in with your opinion. We recommend no less than once a week. More if you have time. The more content you post…the better!
  •  Submit your Blog URL to Google. Just in case….
  •  Publish an eNewsletter. Easy to do from your weekly posts. Just make each weekly post a separate news article and distribute. This keeps people who forgot to check you blog in the know.
  • Talk about your blog whenever and to whomever you can, but especially when you speak at events as an industry or topic expert.
  • Focus on information your customers can use. If you provide consistent, relevant and compelling content on your blog, your chances of success are really good.
  • Post your blog on social bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit and Sphinn.
  • Find relevant forums to add your “relevant input and postings to. Please make sure you are posting “on topic”. Otherwise, you will get a reputation for “spamming”. Be sure to add your blog URL to your signature.


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UPDATE:  These tips continued in a new post for a total of 21 Blog marketing tips.


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You have heard a lot about blogs lately, in fact, they are even starting to make movies about them.  There are more and more blogs that have turned into book deals and movies then ever before.   From relative obscurity comes fame, fortune and all that they promise.  I am not promising you that at all.  Nor am I saying that by simply blogging any of that will actually happen (although it might…).  What I am saying, is that a blog should be an integral part of any search engine optimization plan.  Here’s why I say that…

Top 10 reasons why you should be blogging:

  1. A blog is one of the easiest, most cost effective publishing tools available to share information with customers, friends and employees.
  2. A blog can be the center of your marketing strategy. As you reach out to attract potential customers through social media and your web site, a blog is the perfect place to point them for information and more importantly, a place of interaction with you and your company.
  3. A blog can build a lot of credibility and do it very quickly. Share your ideas and watch customers and colleagues as they scramble to confirm them.
  4. A blog is VERY search engine friendly. Since blogs are content heavy (text based content) they tend to be very enticing to the search engines. Blog regularly and make sure your content is relevant and your blog will become an integral part of your search engine optimization strategy.
  5. Blogs are a GREAT place to test the waters if you think you have a good book idea. Taking a very successful and popular blog with a big list of followers to a publisher goes a long way in selling your idea to them. 
  6. Don’t even think about being taken seriously in Social Media until you have a blog. 
  7. A blog can level the playing field in ANY industry. When decision makers narrow to three or four companies, the company websites with consistent, fresh and relevant content are 60% more likely to win the business every time. 
  8. A blog is a great place to meet interesting and sometimes very influential people that can help you and/or your business. 
  9. I know you spent a lot of time and/or money on your website…but so did your competition. Want to be different? Want to stand out? BLOG !
  10. And finally….a blog is your chance to share YOUR view. What is your take on the industry you are in? Is it different than your competition? Want to convey those thoughts to you customers or potential customers? If so…you need to BLOG !

Still not sure?  Don’y worry. can help you now!  With the knowledge, skills and experience that delivers results.  We offer a complete Social Media Package that includes Facebook, Twitter and Blog account set up and graphic design that matches your web site.  We also offer a complete startegic search engine optimization plan that inlcudes a complete SEO analysis of your site, your competition’s site(s) and then provide feedback to you on what changes need to be made to your SEO program.  We can even make those changes for you if you want.  Other services include PPC Ad-word campaign management, web site design & hosting.  Visit us at today and let us show you how you can get higher search engine rankings today, for a brighter future tomorrow! 

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