7 Steps to Creating Effective SEO Content

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  1. Good article. I would change one thing… swap number 2 and number 3. If you do your keyword search first it can give you an idea about what type of information that readers are looking for when they typed in their search query and then you can supply the answer that they were looking for with an article that is optimized for that keyword.

    I’ve seen too many pages optimized for a keyword phrase that doesn’t give the reader what they were looking for when they searched with that keyword phrase.

  2. Hi David! Thanks for reading and the comment!

    I agree…it can go either way. I actually struggled with how to write this since I feel like they can go either way. They are certainly interchangable IMHO.

    Great contribution! Dofollow status activated on your link and any future posts 🙂

  3. Steve K.

    Nice post. I agree with everything except this part;

    So you say to share your best content and not worry about “giving the farm away”? Makes no sense to me, yes you have to write about technical procedures to establish yourself, but if you write to much, they could just do it on their own. I’m a social media consultant and if I shared all of my “tricks of the trade” I would not have a job.

    • @Steve
      You do not seem to understand just how huge the global market is.
      No matter how many are using your information without direct compensation, there are ALWAYS the people that like your information and want you to do it for them.

      At a global level, a 1% conversion rate would probably swamp you.

      I share all my tricks as a SEO professional and I have more work than I want.


      • Hi Reg!

        Thanks for reading and for the comment.

        I am in 100% agreement with your reposnse. The most successful people I know all follow pretty much the same mantra!


  4. Hi Steve…thanks for reading and tahnks for the comment!

    I understand your concerns, believe me! I struggled with this concept a LOT. But when I went out and looked at the most successful people in my niche, I soon discovered that ALL of them shared, without hesitation, their best stuff on their blogs or forums. Also, for the record, I am not advocating that you post a detailed road map to copy your business. I am simply saying that if you as a social media consultant are going to write an article, make sure it’s your best content possible. You are the one who picks the topic…if it comes to close to “proprietary information” pick another topic 🙂 !

    Good luck and thanks again for the comment!

  5. I just sent this post to a bunch of my friends as I agree with most of what you’re saying here and the way you’ve presented it is awesome.

  6. Hi Ded! Thanks for reading and thanks for sharing this with others !

  7. Gary Breininger

    Nice job on this Mike.
    I’m noticing a (not surprising) trend that everyone’s trying to figure out how to make content production as quick and easy as possible.
    Maybe someone will figure it out, but my sense is the age old rule of success simply takes hard work (and a bit of luck) will prevail.
    What do you think?

  8. Hi Gary. Yes I agree 100%. With the recent efforts Google is making to quell spammers, the need to develope good quality content is more dire than ever. Making content produciton quick sounds good, but quick and quality rarely meet on the same road.

    Bottom line in my opinion is…do the work and reap the rewards!

    Thanks for reading and thanks for the comment.

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